Infinite space

Seen from the Gornergrat, the night sky is studded with stars, sparkling like diamonds. For the guests at the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat, it is an intoxicating experience, and a place with a magical attraction for astronomers. The Gornergrat planetarium is now uniting knowledge-thirsty experts with interested members of the public in their passion for stargazing.

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Stargazing on the Gornergrat

The dry air and the remote location mean visitors even have the chance of seeing the Milky Way and the planets with the naked eye. The “Gornergrat Planetarium” project was launched five years ago, establishing the new observatory in the south tower of the Kulmhotel and inviting the public to join scientists in their exploration of the heavens.

Stargazing for groups

As a research station high up in the Alps, the planetarium and the observatory are not open to the public, but the researchers are happy to make exceptions for school classes and groups of ten people or more. Interested?

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Dining with the Stars

A glittering evening – gown and dinner suit not required. Enjoy an exquisite buffet dinner and fondue chinoise, and, weather permitting, you will have a spectacular view of the night sky, with an expert astronomer as your guide and entertaining stories to set the mood.

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Space Trip

The Gornergrat is one of the best places in the Alps for observing the stars. In autumn, and exclusively available to guests in the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat, we will be offering a new lecture and guided-tour attraction – guaranteed to enthral stargazers. Spaces are limited for this event.

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The scientific expertise is provided by the universities of Bern and Lausanne. In future, you will be able to “reach for the stars” either online or on location.

Astronomy made easy
The Gornergrat research station, with its astronomical observation and educational programmes, inspires the general public to enter the world of the astronomers’ research and to learn about our universe.

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