Expedition base

A world that almost leaves civilisation behind

Wisps of clouds glide past the windows. Ice, snow and clouds melt together to form a uniform scene of white and crystal. Black rocks are the last point of focus and orientation. A small blue gap opens up in the clouds. Not two minutes later, the entire sky is perfectly blue.


This can only be experienced at altitudes of 3,100 metres above sea level. Normally, this is an altitude where you find researchers, mountain climbers and pilots. At the Kulmhotel Gornergrat, you check in comfortably at this altitude.

The sky so near

The world of mountains here is more than just a cluster of peaks under blue skies with chairlifts leading up to them. On the Gornergrat, you feel the sky and you experience the monumental force of the mountains up close.


Almost perpendicular to your room window lies the glacier. Long and wide, and almost alive in its continuous but invisible movement, it is like a primeval animal with a rugged skin. Anyone standing here seeing this world for the first time is bound to remember it forever.