3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat
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Breathe Easy

Gornergrat gourmet ticket

A fantastic day full of outdoor activities in the snow with a few breaks to enjoy delicious culinary treats. An appetizer platter with food and drink specialities from the Valais region at 3,100 metres above sea level, a three-course gourmet meal at 2,600 metres above sea level and dessert served at 2,222 metres above sea level.


Profiles of the stars

The Gornergrat is an ideal location for astrophotography. At 3,100 metres above sea level, the air is pure and any city lights are far away. Swiss photographer Alessandro Della Bella is a top press photographer and nature lover. For his book Helvetia by Night, he portrayed the Milky Way using the Gornergrat as his base. Even if you are not a very experienced photographer, it is worth trying to capture the canopy of stars using your camera’s time exposure and time lapse features.


A world that almost leaves civilisation behind

The mountains are incredibly huge. Sometimes they are bleak and forbidding, and then again they can be friendly and more mellow than expected. Anyone wishing to explore them needs to be prepared. As our guest in the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat, you do not require any outdoor equipment. However, to prepare for your adventure expedition to the high mountains, you will find a list here of things you can expect and discover.

A day of bliss

Pleasure at 3,100 metres above sea level

The trip on the cog railway from Zermatt to the Gornergrat only takes around 40 minutes. In summer, the ride will take you past scented pine trees and multicoloured alpine pastures. In winter, the blanket of snow glitters as if there were thousands of diamonds scattered between the snowflakes. Right at the top, the vista of 29 four-thousanders and invigorating refreshments await you.